The Field Of Outdoor Subdivision Industry Is Very Rich And In The Continuous Pioneering And Innovative

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Outdoor sports is an active and healthy lifestyle, it will not only cultivate the positive attitude of the participants in life, but also cultivate the sentiment, broaden the mind, self-cultivation and physical exercise, at the same time, is also a challenge to the self, can cultivate people in the plight of mutual help, interdependence of the spirit of cooperation.

Since the 1950s, our country's outdoor sports have undergone three stages of development:
Expedition stage: Began in the 1950s, alpine exploration, desert exploration, polar exploration, rafting adventure;
Professional tournament stage: began in the 1980s, rock climbing, ice-climbing, mountain outdoor, mountain racing, Mountain Marathon, etc.
National Fitness Stage: began in the 1990s, the National Fitness assembly, the National Camping Convention, the National Hiking Convention.
In April 2005, the National Sports administration set up the mountain outdoor movement as a formal sport, marking the development of China's outdoor movement into a fast lane. In the process of the development of the outdoor sports in our country, the mass basis and time of the outdoor sports in our country have obviously been enlarged and improved. According to the China Outdoor Union (COA) Statistics: China currently has 130 million people each year to carry out hiking, leisure outdoor sports, such as outdoor activities (9.5% of the total population), 60 million people for mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking and other outdoor sports (the total population of 4.38%). This is a very gratifying phenomenon for the outdoor sports industry in our country, which can promote the development and integration of the industrial chain upstream and downstream of the outdoor industry.

Referring to the industry chain, we can look at the breakdown of the outdoor industry chain, mainly include:
Hardware facilities: Outdoor sports venues facilities, outdoor equipment equipment, outdoor sportswear;
Event activities: Professional outdoor competitions, outdoor group activities, international exchanges;
Training intermediary: Outdoor sports vocational training, outdoor skills training, intermediary services;
Exhibition Forum: Exhibition, forum, meeting;
Sports Insurance: The development of outdoor special insurance for mountaineering.
Outdoor equipment and Apparel equipment sales are an important economic flow of outdoor industry; As an important carrier of the development of outdoor industry, tournament activity is an indispensable part of the industrial chain, and the training intermediary provides a guarantee for safer outdoor activities. The exhibition forum can promote the social media communication trend of outdoor activities and the communication progress in the industry; sports Insurance provides a reassuring way for people involved in outdoor activities. Overall, the field of outdoor subdivision industry is very rich, and in the continuous exploration and innovation.

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