Raincoat Color Selection How Much Do You Know?

- Sep 12, 2017 -

The rainy season arrives, now the market sells the raincoat, the rain gear variety, is not the random choice can, in the end how to choose? Xiao Bian remind you to choose raincoat to pay attention to:

1. Color of Raincoat
Color is very important, there are many people choose raincoat is to choose their own favorite color, no one knows, color is very important. When it rains, the sight is easy to blur, and visibility will be affected, if choose a light color raincoat, in rainy day especially rainy night, not easy to be seen by vehicles or pedestrians, will bring security risks. Therefore, the color of the raincoat should choose bright colors, such as red, bright yellow, blue and so on.

2, the quality of the raincoat
Raincoat more for plastic products, choose rain Gear, to choose to feel soft, lined raincoat, which is not easy to fold, and will not scratch the face, especially for children with delicate skin.

3. Smell of Raincoat
To choose a raincoat, be sure to open it first and smell it. Some raincoat coating contains paint components, the smell of the most often formaldehyde and other harmful gases exceeded, to avoid choosing such a raincoat, in order to prevent harm to the body.

4. Style of raincoat
According to the use of the means of transport to choose a raincoat, must not be too big, too big easy to step on pressure, the safety of their own hidden dangers. The above is a summary of several points, the rainy season is coming, everyone in the choice of raincoats, rain gear, may wish to pay attention to. People who want to ride a bike pay attention to travel safety. Motorists should also observe the road conditions at any time to avoid a safety accident.

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