Outdoor Sports Industry Becomes A General Direction Of Sports Industry Investment

- Sep 12, 2017 -

As a rising tourist mode, sports tourism is developing well and the market prospect is clear. 2015 China's sports tourism market scale of nearly 206.5 billion yuan, accounting for 15% of the tourism market, sports tourism industry is $number every year fast development, to 2020 sports tourism market is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan. 2016 is a sports event, many international sports competitions will attract the attention of sports enthusiasts, while attracting the concern of outbound travel enthusiasts, suggested that investors actively layout sports tourism market.
Compared with the traditional form of tourism, sports tourism emphasizes the combination of viewing and participation, mainly divided into three sections-sports event tourism, related venues tourism and sports activities tourism.
Sports event Tourism refers to the activities of the spectators to travel to places other than the place of residence because of a sporting event or sporting event. Taking the Olympic Games as an example, the organizers issued relevant commemorative products before the game, carried out tourism promotion and carried out preheating cultural activities, provided catering services as well as accommodation, catering and other ancillary services during the match; after the game to create a variety of cultural theme activities, the development of neighboring cities to travel, digest the needs of
Related venues tourism refers to the famous sports venues around the venue, related museums, Hall of Fame and other venues to carry out tourism activities;
Sports tourism refers to the tourist activities of sports events or exercises in places outside the place of residence. Skiing, mountaineering and golf are the most popular experiential sports in the world.
Sports tourism involves catering and lodging industry, transportation and communication industry, travel agency industry, sports theme company, sports base and other industries, and the development of these industries played a catalytic role. The sports tourism development speed is fast, but the domestic effective demand is insufficient, the sports tourism market main body is immature, the tourism industry and the sports industry's mutual fusion insufficiency, the traveling resources cannot and the sports tourism share and so on the question day by moment prominent.
In the next few years, the sports industry investment mainly along several major directions:
First, the new sports events, such as the ski industry, marathon industry, these sports events before the smaller public, and the current in the consumption upgrade, the residents of the awareness of the improvement in the situation, gradually popular;
Second, the policy is more favorable to the industry, such as the football industry, the government issued a series of policies to support the development of the football industry;
Thirdly, it is the core of sports service that is favorable to the adjustment of industrial structure, such as sports event operation.
Four is the sports competition demand promotion industry, such as the sports equipment industry, this is the sports event development support industry;
Five is the leisure experience strong industry, such as sports tourism, outdoor sports industry.

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