Outdoor Sports Brand Plagiarism Of The Wind Self-development To Survive

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Specialization and fashion of outdoor sports equipment
Outdoor sports enthusiasts have a group of very loyal professional players, these players on the professional requirements of equipment is very high, these people usually have a higher consumption capacity, often for enterprises in the high-level or senior civil servants, and so on, this kind of crowd more attention to the brand, they choose a foreign famous brand more, choose domestic products, The top three famous brands are also usually selected. But professional outside the total number of players, after all, not enough to allow outdoor manufacturers to maintain high-speed growth, so fashion into the outdoor sports equipment to the general public pass.

Plagiarism is rampant, brand personality is insufficient, no core competitiveness
In the process of specialization and fashion, we found that the domestic outdoor manufacturers also have a strong ability to copy imitation, cottage ability caused by the rapid popularity of fashion, but also will be quickly slipped, like the full streets of the fake LV bag, which seems to be a fast-growing channel, but there is a huge brand risk. Microsoft Windows in China's rampant piracy, so that China's Linux developers seriously inadequate, to today's WTO demands respect for copyright, Microsoft began to ask the government, big companies to the old debt, and we face this is no choice. Outdoor brands, especially the two or three line brand, if blindly immersed in the rampant pleasure of plagiarism, will lose the brand personality and subversive growth ability, Okur Media Studio that: if the domestic two or three line outdoor brands do not seriously reflect on their products and brand positioning, to find their own differences in the growth of the road, Improve their product research and development capabilities and brand promotion capacity, then, the field of outdoor sports equipment will soon usher in a big shuffle.

Global brand era, sales of outdoor manufacturers will be eliminated
While the country has been trying to slow the market impact of international brands entering China, but outside of the product-type brand will not have too many obstacles, the famous outdoor brands in Europe and the United States to set foot in the Chinese market, and the increase in Chinese citizens, the proportion of immigrants abroad, all means that these famous brands in Europe and the United States may bring market turmoil. The global character of the brand in the era of the Internet developed more obvious, the network often burst student xxx to buy the iphone news, which tells us domestic outdoor manufacturers A fact: China's young consumers are not the same as before, their pursuit of the brand is far higher than the past, The era of Chinese manufacturers and brands that rely on Shanzhai to perpetuate the low-end market is crumbling, abandoning fantasies and reforming itself.

Brand differentiation and self-development design are the survival of the
Outdoor sports equipment professionalism does not affect the civilian, adidas such a well-known sports brand also quietly into this field, in the near future, out of the climbing expedition and other high difficulty outdoor sports, outdoor equipment will be completely popular, the market will be polarized, a large number of brands and manufacturers were eliminated. Two or three-line brand survival pressure will be greater, and two or three line outdoor manufacturers brand positioning fuzzy and the same phenomenon is very common, more people will become a purely sales-oriented enterprises, in the online shopping developed, capital developed in China today, even if the sale of enterprises will be a comprehensive strength competition, channel business peace Taiwanese businessmen will grasp more bargaining power, And the invasion of well-known brands abroad will also compress the domestic brand's survival space.

Brand differentiation of positioning and design, self-development and design capabilities, this will become the long-term development of outdoor manufacturers to survive this, out of the heavy sales of light brand culture simple vicious circle, so that more customers fall in love with you, share love, transfer brand culture. If consumers buy our products without emotion, then he wears our products and other brand products will be no different, this effect shows the brand's failure, because these consumers do not consume your brand, just consumption shopping malls shopping channels.
To create a brand culture is a professional and endowed with humanistic spirit of things, outdoor manufacturers and professional brand marketing cooperation, with the help of professional brand master of the brain to build their own brand development routes and the dissemination of channels, this is the world's brand of the rules of passage. Okur Media Studio believes that no brand and brand culture products, will inevitably become a mediocre product, the brand needs to communicate and transfer, the brand is not sold out of the awareness, but also to build a reputation and customer loyalty, brand shaping and building capacity is a consumer product and enterprise's important competitiveness.

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