Outdoor Hiking Dress Skillfully Collocation

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Back up luggage, out of the city, began to feel the charm of walking, to see other people can not see the scenery. Hiking you can wear a relatively relaxing leisure and enjoy a rare free space.

Essential Clothing: Leisure long trousers, gloves, hats, hiking shoes

Outdoor Casual Clothing: Now our ordinary outdoor enthusiasts wear more than a few decades ago, the first Mount Everest predecessors of much better, mostly by Tex Fiber made of clothing, waterproof wear resistance is first-class.

Trousers: Protect yourself from scratches as you pass through the virgin forest that is taller than the people. Many brands of wear-resistant trousers are high-strength nylon, very strong, while many of the charge clothing is also in the shoulders and elbows easily worn where it is reinforced.

Hiking Shoes: Hiking is not a high requirement for clothing, but shoes must be professional. Compared to the general travel shoes, hiking soles more non-slip grain design, such as a lot of soles have a yellow mark Vibram, in fact, is a non-slip wear-resistant material in Italy.

Tough, waterproof is very important general outdoor hiking can not be three layers of the body, only wear a fleece or charge jacket, there are many outdoor brands have some leisure series, fashionable color fashion, you can choose to wear according to the weather route.

Caution: Its fabric to prevent the field of dew and rain, to have wear resistance. Even socks are best woven from moisture-absorbent materials, which remain relatively dry during long walks.

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