How The Outdoor Apparel Retailing Industry Is Growing In The Bucking Trend

- Sep 12, 2017 -

The rise in the outdoor retail industry, corporate earnings growth slowed, and even slipped, how to counter growth? The first thing to do is to analyze the external situation, to analyze the internal advantages and disadvantages, to select and choose, which is often said to be a tall management noun "strategic management."
Strategy has different genres, different models, we use ECIRM Strategic model to do a simple analysis of the outdoor industry, try to find out the future direction.
Ecirm strategic models include: entrepreneur, industry, capital, resources and management Five elements, different industries, different stages of the enterprise, the weights of five different elements. The key to the strategic management of the current outdoor retailing industry is the three elements of industry, management and entrepreneurship.
Industry is vital to the survival and development of enterprises, because the market volume and size determine the growth of the enterprise space, while the industry within the industry chain in different positions of enterprises, profitability is also very diverse. Michael Porter said: "The strategy is a very important step, the entrepreneur must spend a good deal of time to define the business of the industry." Therefore, enterprises must first optimize the industrial strategy, including: Define the market boundary, clarify the strategic choice, process reengineering.
Regardless of the direction of the enterprise choice, the development of core competitiveness, improve operational efficiency is necessary. Only customer-centric can ensure that the direction is accurate, only precision can improve efficiency. Consumer demand in the retail industry pulls the data stream, the data flow drives the flow of funds and the information flow, so only the data can be accurate. Therefore, the direction of business efficiency improvement is to customer-centric data precision operation.
Industry, business is inseparable from entrepreneurs, Drucker said: "An enterprise organization can only grow within the entrepreneurial thinking space." , enterprises in different scale, different period of management style requirements of entrepreneurs, the growth of enterprises need entrepreneur breakthrough. According to the theory of path dependence, the choices people made in the past determine what they are likely to choose now, and all choices of people will be influenced by path dependence. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to constantly introspection, reflection, through constant practice to enhance the mind, break through the path of dependence, help enterprises to counter the trend of growth.

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