Use of Down Jacket

- Sep 17, 2018 -
Kids Packable Down Jacket

Longer compression storage will reduce the fluffiness of the down jacket. At this time, you can wear it on your body or hang it, gently tap it, and let the down fluffy down. Wear a down jacket. Don't be close to the flame, especially in the wild bonfire. Please pay attention to spark. If there is a feather down at the seam, do not pull the down, because the better down jackets are made of high quality down, the velvet is large, and pulling out will damage the fabric. The correct way is to catch the down in the opposite direction through the fabric, pull the down back to the inside of the fabric. The crowd itself will be allergic to down. If allergies occur, stop wearing down jackets and seek medical advice. Some down jackets are waterproof or water repellent. Functional fabrics, but since the down jacket is mainly for solid water (snow, ice), the down jacket is not glued at the seams and is not completely waterproof. Therefore, do not directly wear a down jacket on the down jacket in a medium-high-intensity rain environment. You can find a layer of nail polish or colorless nail polish with the same color as the down jacket, and the hole will be sealed. Down will not come out.

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