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The correct posture of outdoor equipment maintenance!
Sep 12, 2017

Outdoor travel, not only need to have a firm belief, but also need to have sophisticated equipment, only in this way to reach the destination smoothly. Of course, after the use of equipment also need to be maintained, otherwise the subsequent travel equipment will not be able to play the best effect.

The maintenance equipment also needs to pay attention to the method, the wrong maintenance method will not only let your "baby" damage, but also can let your body be harmed. The following to introduce outdoor clothing maintenance methods, I hope to help you!

Outdoor Apparel
We are now in contact with the outdoor clothing series is with, waterproof, perspiration, quick-drying or wind and other functional characteristics.
For example, the emergency clothing, generally composed of multiple fabrics, the outer layer of fabric wear-resisting water, in the middle is a layer of waterproof breathable membrane, the water permeability of the charge clothing from this.
When the suit is stained with dirt or oil, the dirt will clog the waterproof breathable membrane, thus reducing the air permeability of the clothes; on the other hand, the acidic substance contained in the oil or rainwater is corrosive and can accelerate the aging of the cloth.

Maintenance method: Because the charge underwear has the waterproof coating and the pressure gum, uses the alkaline detergent to the coating and the pressure glue to have certain harm. So if it is soiled by a general stain, you can wash it with professional emergency clothing or neutral detergent (without softeners and bleach). If there is stubborn stains, you can use machine wash, but remember not to soak for a long time, can not use the washing machine to dry or dry, put the cool place natural dry, so as not to cause the pressure strips to dry, and to rinse clean detergent, reduce the impact of detergent on waterproof breathable membrane.

Wash and dry after the use of special charge underwear water splashing agent, can better restore the splash-proof function of underwear. Store the time to avoid folding, it is best to take the hanger to open directly into the closet.