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Spring and summer speed dry clothes and charge clothing selection
Sep 12, 2017

Spring and summer alternating season is a good time to travel, whether it is the true donkey friends or pseudo donkey friends, even the ordinary wage layer, also hope to go out in this outing season. It is good to experience nature, but after all, is an outdoor movement, the necessary outdoor equipment is necessary, as clothing equipment, spring and summer travel, speed dry clothes and charge clothing are indispensable, the following, small taping you correct choice of speed dry clothes and charge clothing, for your trip to provide reference.
Spring and summer travel, speed dry clothes a lot of people will be as a necessary thing, but the charge clothing it? Do you need it? Here, we say "travel", is a real sense of the outdoor movement, it is possible in the field of rain, windy weather, there is a possibility of camping activities, if you carry out the activities closer to the limit, then the more need to charge clothes, Charge clothing is not only a special clothing, but also a safe guarantee, this and speed dry clothes is completely different, recommend you carry a charge clothing, and speed dry clothes in the spring and summer travel may be necessary for everyone.
Speed dry clothes also called fast dry clothes, is the summer outdoor activities of the necessary clothing, its main feature is the dry fast, soaked sweat can be completely dry in half an hour, when the rain soaked, can also be completely dry within one or two hours. Speed dry clothing general close-fitting wear, but also wear underwear after wearing fast dry clothes, but remember not to wear cotton underwear, cotton underwear sweat but not breathable, not easy to dry, outdoor sports underwear generally for coolmax® fabric fast dry functional underwear. At present, the most common fast drying clothing fabrics are coolmax®, Scotchgard (3M Company), Teflon (DuPont Company), Supplex (DuPont), Pro-dry, Ciba, Minlan Dry, M. C. S (and anti-UV), Hyperstretch, Omni-dry (Columbia Company Anti-UV Index 30), Dryflo (Lowe Alpine Company), Ploartec Power Dry (Malden Mills Company), In addition, some companies will add other materials in quick-drying clothing to play their special functions, such as UV-resistant rayosan fiber, M. C. S, Uv-cut Fiber, Uv-con-trol, can enhance the elastic stretch material and so on.
It is also necessary to carry a suit of charge in spring and summer. If you encounter heavy rain, windy weather, or morning and evening temperature difference area, or mountain climbing higher altitude, charge clothing is particularly important, because the charge clothing has professional waterproof, breathable, windproof, tear-proof, wear-resistant, hardy characteristics, this is not ordinary clothes or fast dry clothes can replace.
Whether it is a fast dry clothing or charge clothing, must be professional outdoor equipment manufacturers production, not ordinary market clothing, the general professional outdoor manufacturers, will produce these two clothes, so long as you choose a good brand, from a reliable channel to buy authentic, you can guarantee its quality.