Ski Jackets and Ski Wear

- Jun 26, 2018 -
Snow Jackets Mens

Stormtrooper pants are actually a kind of suit for outdoor sports, usually half long, single layer or thin interlayer (mostly grab wool). With all kinds of outdoor equipment, you can better enjoy the outdoor fun in the wild. Whether it's hiking, self-help or camping. When mountaineering, you should choose fabrics more wear-resisting three-layer pressure-adhesive charge underwear, to suit a variety of bad environment.

The difference between ski jackets and stormtroopers:

1. Material: Although has wind effect, but the material is qualitative different, wind proof principle is different also, ski jackets more thick, wind proof effect is better, but also has a powerful and tensile ductility ski-wear, do not have sex.

2. Wind full face: Charge collar simple soft cloth but usually can't play a role wind full face, and ski jackets on the hood are generally wind full face design, can prevent the cold wind blowing frostbite when high-speed ski cheek.

3.pockets: The pockets of the charge jacket are small and easy to seal. The pocket of ski jackets are very much, the material is soft for storing mobile phone and ski mirror, etc. The opening is basically sealed with a zipper to prevent the loss of items during strenuous exercise.

4. Wear resistant layer: Due to the characteristics of skiing, wear resistant fabric is mostly designed for joints or other parts prone to friction; charge pants are different, do simple anti-wear treatment only in the most easily broken place generally.

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