Outdoor sports, warm first

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Some people say: in the cold weather, the northern people heating by heating, southerners to warm and shivering. Although it is a joke, but we really should pay attention to warm, even if it is into the early spring now, please do not take off the warm coat too soon!

So for the small partners who like outdoor sports may feel too much to wear, too little to wear, and will shiver, in fact, wear more not necessarily warm, choose three layers of clothing can easily solve your concerns!

The first is the intimate layer: people in the exercise inevitable will be a lot of perspiration, this is the function of the body to cool down, inevitable, so choose to have a good perspiration function of the intimate clothing. First of all, cotton clothing, cotton, although water absorption, but the water will not be eliminated after evaporation, and moisture in the intimate cotton fiber evaporation, evaporation (refrigeration) will take away the body temperature, so people will feel cold; wool or synthetic material is the best choice, wool even if wet also have warm effect, can cope with fluctuations in temperature condition, But the tear resistance is poor, but the synthetic material is man-made fabric, mostly polypropylene or polyester material fabric, perspiration effect is good, the disadvantage is easy to residual Khan taste.

Next is the warm layer: the warm layer attaches importance to the clothing's breathability and the warm function, the function is eliminates the evaporation intimate layer sweat, will leave the heat, locks the temperature. The choice of warm layer is many, can be cotton clothing, fleece, wool, can also be down and so on. And the cotton suit is suitable for dry and warm environment, because once the sweating warm function loses, grasps the velvet to be more clumsy, therefore does not suggest, but the wool and the feather is the best choice. In fact, the warm layer can be a lot of collocation, not necessarily refers to a piece of clothing.

Finally is the isolation layer: the isolation layer of clothing played a role is to isolate the wind and rain, wear-resistant and will not affect the flexibility of the movement of the cloak, the choice is very broad, here is not to repeat.

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