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Outdoor sports essential equipment
Sep 12, 2017

A. Hats: With it, you can reduce the heat loss by 30%, so a waterproof, warm hat, it will become critical, because walking in the mountains, if not wearing a hat, coupled with the evil wind, it is easy to cause headaches or colds.

B. Underwear, underwear: Although it is summer, but the mountain temperature is unpredictable, many people always think that the mountain climbing just at home to find some old underwear can be, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, because only the wool underwear, in the moisture absorption 30%, still have the effect of heat preservation, in fact, some imitation wool underwear is good, If it's not, then you should buy a pair of hiking underwear.

C. Raincoat: Whether you are in a day or several days of outdoor activities, it is your good partner. Tex cloth is still the best in the market today.

D. Mountaineering shoes: Many people still wear sneakers, sneakers up the mountain, they are in thermal insulation, prevent collisions and sprains the effect is worse than hiking shoes. People wearing hiking shoes, should be a pair of sweat socks, a pair of wool or cotton socks to wear the best method, and then in the rain or snow, add a pair of waterproof leg cover, it is more perfect.

E. Knives: Outside activists in foreign countries, almost no one without knives, because in their field activities guide, has clarified the importance of knives, Chinese herdsmen in the mountains when working, also must carry a knife. Because when you encounter a sudden situation, the knife can do a lot of work, such as building shelters, fire, against wild animals, stretcher, crutches and so on.

F. Flashlight: You can illuminate and signal at night.

G. Whistle: You can use it for help or scare off the beast in case of emergency. The sound frequency of the outdoor whistle is 500 Hz low-frequency 2000 Hz, which is the most recognizable sound in a noisy environment. After the outdoor distress, waiting for the rescue time this little thing is too big. When you are physically depleted, even if rescuers are close to you, you can not find your call for help, but with this little thing, you just need a little bit of strength to blow it, to continue to win the hope of life! Things are small but it is a detail that can not be neglected in outdoor sports! The American Navy used the whistle as a standard equipment.