Introduction of four kinds of fabrics for outdoor clothing

- Sep 12, 2017 -

If you want to choose the outdoor clothing of the mind, you should pay attention to a lot of places, first of all, we must know the common fabric of outdoor sportswear.
About the choice of outdoor sportswear, the vast number of enthusiasts are not the intention. However, if you want to choose the outdoor clothing of the mind, you should pay attention to a lot of places, first of all, we must know the common fabric of outdoor sportswear.

1. Mont-bell waterproof Cloth Three-level system
As the world's premier waterproof coat manufacturer, Mont-bell understands that the quality waterproof coat required is not a "waterproof" so simple, different beings in different occasions will be on the coat of air permeability, weight, folding volume and price, etc. have different requirements, Mont-bell uses three different waterproof fabrics for different purposes.

2. Tex
The Tex is highly praised for its high performance in waterproofing or ventilation, so it is the choice for making top coats. After more than 20 years of development, Mont-bell has become Japan's largest Tex field clothing manufacturers. Tex itself is a very thin layer of PTFE film ePTFE (Expandedpoly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene), sandwiched in the fabric. It is characterized by 1.4 billion small holes per square inch, the size of each hole is only one out of 10,000 water droplets, but more than 700 times times the water vapor molecules, it is only allowed to pass through the steam, waterproof degree up to the point, 000mm hydraulic pressure, air permeability more up to the 500g/m2/24hrs, Thus has excellent waterproof breathable function. Because the cloth used by Mont-bell is more lightweight than the general, its breathable performance is also higher than that of other company products.
Another feature of the Mont-bellgore-tex coat is that there is very little Tex on the clothes, because from the beginning Mont-bell is the use of Tex function to produce excellent performance clothing, rather than using Tex cloth as a selling point, Therefore, the clothes will not deliberately leave the mark of Tex, any material on the description of P. T. F. E. are Tex products.

3. Dry-tec Waterproof Breathable membrane
For the extreme light of the person, Mont-bell specially developed Dry-tec waterproof cloth, its waterproof degree up to, 000mm water pressure, and Tex similar, but also up to 6, 000g/㎡/24hrs air permeability, and weight than Tex light 1/ 3, and the folding volume is small close to half. It is a new generation of Mont-bell self-developed super PU waterproof breathable membrane, its secret is mixed with polyurethane (polyurethane) and ceramic (silica) technology, with three-layered structure synthesis. The bottom layer is a very tough film, in combination with the cloth and resist the water pressure, the Micropore is only 0.1mm size, the central is a highly breathable layer, with a larger microporous (5-10mm), the last is a layer containing silica carbon, thin and wear-resistant protective film, the size of the Micropore is 5mm. This unique structure allows Dry-tec to have exceptional waterproof and breathable performance, while the weight is lighter. Other advantages of DRY-TEC include: Folding volume is very small and very washable wear-resistant, very suitable for the needs of active sports beings. (1mm for 1/1000mm)

4. Hydrobreeze-pxtm
In the requirements of practical occasions, Montbell special selection of hydrobreeze waterproof cloth. It is Montbell for a new generation of practical all-weather coat developed materials, based on the Montbell renowned Hydropro waterproof membrane, but waterproof membrane contains 0.1mm breathable micro-hole. In the same way, the size of the pores can only allow the sweat to pass through and can block water droplets. Waterproof degree up to, 000mm water pressure, and through the bearing also has a good 4000g/㎡/24hrs, than the general waterproof raincoat more cool. In addition, its weight is lighter and softer than other waterproof cloths. Hydrobreeze is very washable, after washing 20 times can still be retained, 000mm water pressure waterproof degree. New generation of hydrobreeze-px more wear-resistant folding, for the production of heavy-grade windproof raincoat selection.

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