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How to select down jacket?
May 18, 2018
down jacket men

1, smell the smell of down jacket, if you find pungent or odor, they directly ignore. Some people have explained that the reason why goose down is more expensive than duck down is that the goose down is odorless and the duck down is odorous. The processing of duck downs and goose downs is the same. Flavored cashmere (whether goose down or duck down) is a substandard product.

2, to see if the down jacket marked on the basic information is complete, mainly containing cashmere, filling the amount of cashmere, wool type and manufacturer of basic information, but generally does not contain the information of bulkiness, this point you can directly Consult the Purchasing Guide.

3, carefully touch the inner layer of down jacket, if you feel stinging, that is, the content of feathers in this dress is high, the quality should not be very good. If you don't touch it, it doesn't hurt. It shows that the amount of cashmere in this dress is relatively high and the warmth is better.

4. Next, you can put together a few down jackets and use the same strength to hold down the surface of the clothes. The faster the rebound time, the better the down jacket quality (indicating a high degree of loftiness). For down jackets with the same amount of down-filling, the larger the volume (ie, the looser down jacket), the better the quality.

5, the final step is to shoot a down jacket, if there is hair or dust, it shows that this down jacket fabric is very poor anti-velvet stitching or stitching is too large, such a down jacket will be more thin through the down jacket, waterproof And breathability is not too good, for this is not recommended to buy.