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How to eliminate fatigue after exercise, more energy
Sep 12, 2017

We usually have a clear sense of fatigue after a greater intensity of exercise, and to eliminate fatigue as quickly as possible, a reasonable nutritional supplement is essential in addition to adequate rest. So, how to eliminate fitness fatigue by means of nutrition?

Before exercise
The muscular movement causes the whole body to sweat. Daily need to drink 1.5 liters of water, while the exercise must be increased by half to 1 liters of water per hour (if the outside temperature of more than 25?) C is 1 liters). 1/4 liters of weakly mineralized water should be drunk for 15 minutes before the exercise begins. At least 1/8 liters of weakly mineralized water is supplemented every 15 minutes during the exercise, and if the movement is intense, the juice (1/3 of juice, 2/3 of water) needs to be replenished.

Replenish carbonated soda, juice or vegetable juices, milk (1/4 liters to half liter depending on duration of exercise) to facilitate elimination of toxins in the body after the workout. During the day, you can drink mineral water rich in calcium and magnesium to replenish your body's demand for mineral salts (muscle games increase the demand for mineral salts, and the volatilization of perspiration takes away some of the mineral salts in the body). Avoid drinking ice water because it may cause digestive problems.

Regular fitness groups should continue to replenish the body's glycogen, water and potassium that are consumed during exercise every day. Of course there is the need to replenish carbohydrates and water, as soon as possible within 30 minutes after the exercise to replenish, so that physical recovery.

After the exercise
Fruit and vegetables (such as tomatoes, grapes, oranges, watermelons, lettuce, and cucumbers) with fruit juices, porridge, soup and water. These liquid with plenty of water and vitamins that can quickly help the body to be replenished.

Food containing potassium and vitamins such as bananas, oranges, orange juice and raisins, these foods are rich in potassium and vitamin B and C, to help the human body accumulated metabolic products as soon as possible, the consumption of foods rich in vitamins B and C, can eliminate fatigue.

Eat more alkaline foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, soy products, milk and rich in protein and vitamins, these foods after digestion and absorption of the human body, can quickly reduce the blood acidity, and balance to achieve weak alkaline, thereby eliminating fatigue