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How to choose ski pants?
Jun 12, 2018

How to choose suitable ski pants?

One, slide board

1. Novices need to wear relatively thick knee pads and diapers, so choose a ski trousers, you can not choose to be too thin, or low-waist, close-leg pants.

2. Because the skis need to sit or lie on the snow, the waterproof performance of ski pants should be as good as possible to avoid water stains.

3. In the style of collocation, it is sometimes not desirable to mix and match styles, and the style of Europe and the United States must be differentiated from the Japanese and Korean styles.

4. If you are an engraved player, try to choose scratch-resistant ski pants.

5. If you are a snow friend who is passionate about wild snow, in the selection of ski pants, you should try your best to avoid getting into the snow.

Second, slide double board

1. The inner trousers should have anti-split coating patches or special protection plate edge protection gaskets.

2. Lining is good elasticity, antibacterial and deodorant.

3. According to the climate, prepare at least one quilted and single pants.

4.often play snow, can be considered in the waist slim style, four-way stretch fabric, waterproof breathable index is better.

5. Often playing outside, you can consider wear-resistant Gore-Tex fabrics, pay attention to wind and warm.

6. Often playing with powder snow, you need to consider high-waist snow skirts, or high waist bibs to prevent snow.