How to choose rainwear?

- May 23, 2018 -

Rainwear shopping method:

1, look at the size: most of the rainwear outside the package there will be a size to choose the size of the rainwear comparison table, but due to the rainwear manufacturers on the market, the size of the rainwear is not the same, it is not recommended for consumers to a rainwear size Directly to buy different brands of rainwears, easy to have errors.

2, try on: rainwears are best to try on, but usually the rainwears of the mall can not try on, it is recommended that ordinary clothes to wear the number M personnel to buy L rainwears, and so on, the cover will be better, even if the winter clothes to wear More is also available.

3, to see the material: rainwear material is roughly divided into three categories, different materials, the price is different. Consumers can choose according to the actual situation:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used as a material: Jelly translucent plastic rainwears are often seen outside. These rainwears are inexpensive but easily damaged.

Nylon and PVC are used as materials: The inner surface of nylon fabric is coated with a PVC waterproof layer, which is moderate in price and hard to break. It is now the main material for rainwears.

The waterproof and moisture-permeable cloth is used as a material: the inner surface of the cloth is coated with a waterproof and breathable coating, like a rainwear used by policemen and climbers. Its waterproof and moisture-permeable layer has 1 billion holes per inch squared. These holes allow The passage of gas molecules does not allow the passage of larger molecules of water. Therefore, it can achieve waterproof and air-permeable effects. The disadvantage of waterproof and moisture-permeable cloth is that it is relatively expensive.

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