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How to choose a ski suit
Sep 12, 2017

1. You cannot choose clothing that is too small or tightly wrapped, which will limit the movement of the slide. The coat should be loose, the length of the sleeve should be straight up after the arm slightly longer than the wrist, the cuffs should be necking and have adjustable elastic function. The neckline should be an upright high collar opening to prevent cold air from entering. The length of the trousers should be based on the length of the knee to the ankle. The bottom of the trouser leg is a double-layer structure, wherein the inner layer has an elastic seal with non-slip rubber, which can be tightly stretched on the ski boots, which can effectively prevent the snow from entering; the outer layer has a wearable hard lining to prevent the ski boots from knocking on each other and causing damage to the outer layer.

2. Structurally, there are two forms of ski suits and ski suits. It is convenient to wear a ski suit, but the trousers must be high waist when choosing, and it is best to have straps and soft belts. The coat must be loose, to choose the middle waist and to have a belt or a belt to prevent the snow from slipping into the ski suit from the waist. When the arms are stretched up, the sleeves cannot be stretched too tightly, rather longer, because the upper limbs are in a full range of motion during skiing, especially for beginners. Even the body ski suit is simple in structure, wearing comfortable to prevent the effect of the snow into a good score, but wearing more trouble. According to the author's experience, wearing a ski suit is more convenient than a ski suit.

3. Because the ski area of our country is mostly inland, belong to cold, dry climate, low temperature, wind is big, snow is hard, so from material see, the outside material of ski suit should choose wear-resisting, windproof, the surface is treated by wind-resistant nylon or tear-proof cloth material is better. In view of our country ski area operation Ropeway Most is not closed, coupled with the air temperature is low, therefore the ski clothing's inner layer warm material should choose the warm good insulating cotton or DuPont cotton, in order to provide a good warm condition for the skier in the ropeway. According to the author's experience, even the body ski suit is better than the other.

4. From a color perspective, it is best to choose the red, orange, azure or a variety of colors with a large contrast to the white color, one for the sport to add charm, but also for the other skiers to provide a striking sign to avoid the occurrence of collision accidents.

5. The opening of the ski suit is mainly zipper, which can be easily operated when wearing gloves. To have a number of easy to open the big pocket, in order to some commonly used ski supplies into the category, easy to use because often need to use hand to organize ski equipment and hold the snow rod glide, so ski gloves to be lenient, to choose five fingers separate. Gloves wrist mouth to long, it is best to cover the cuffs, if there is an elastic band sealing, can effectively prevent the entry of snow. Ski cap is best to choose a set of head, it only exposes the front half of the face, to prevent the cold wind on the face of the damage, especially important for women. In short, a comfortable, beautiful ski suit coupled with your chic and graceful glide posture, will certainly give you a good enjoyment.