How to buy a raincoat

- Sep 12, 2017 -

How to buy a raincoat

Raincoat materials generally have 4 kinds, each have advantages and disadvantages, according to the actual situation to buy. Notice to distinguish whether the raincoat fabric is recycled material, and then the raw materials have peculiar smell, glue and cloth compound strength is poor, the gum is white, when use will wrinkle, spalling.

Raincoat work is also very important, if the needle is too large, needle seam gap between high and low, the seal does not meet the standard, and did not use seepage treatment, then encountered rain extremely easy to water seepage.

Raincoat style general conjoined long meaning, split-type raincoat and Cape Raincoat (poncho), conjoined (long) wear and remove convenient but waterproof, split more waterproof, poncho suitable for cycling (electric bicycles, bicycles, etc.).

The choice of raincoats should be fully considered for comfort and breathability. If the raincoat is only to prevent rain, but not breathable, then when the seal cover the body when the body heat is not discharged, outside cool, forming stagnant water, wet raincoat inside the lining.

The size of the raincoat is not the same, it is recommended that consumers in the purchase of raincoats to control the size of the table, it is best to try to wear, as far as possible to buy a larger, so that even if the winter clothes wear more can be used.

Raincoat Waterproof basic principle is the fabric + coating, coating coating common types of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PU, Eva and so on. Raincoats are easy to contact with the skin directly, to avoid stimulating the skin, recommend Eva coated raincoat.

Now the color of the raincoat has many, and the style is changeable, has the British wind, the retro wave point wind, the pure color, the color and so on, may consider the clothing collocation and the personal preference when buys the raincoat.

Raincoat brand many, and price is different, buy raincoat can consider brand, because raincoat brand product cost-effective, better quality, so high praise.

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