How should ski pants fit?

- Jun 21, 2018 -
snow pants for women

The following points must be emphasized when selecting ski pants:

1, waterproof

If you slide the board, the waterproof coefficient must be high, at least 10,000 or more waterproof, because beginners must be sitting in the snow and wearing a board and or take a rest on the snow, which is completely different from sliding double board.

2, color

Pants color recommended to be selected solid and dark, do not choose brilliant, why not fight color? Because the color is too bright to match the clothes, and can not help dirty (ski pants are very easy to dirty).

3, size

The size must be chosen to wear a larger size, but this does not mean that you usually wear l, choose ski pants to choose xl, because there are many ski suit brands, size models are different designs, some skiwear manufacturers will follow the normal the size provides the size, some standard size of the mark, but increase fertilizer to increase the design, how to choose? Can only try! How to try? Don't take too much trouble. Be sure to use the diapers and knee pads in the ski shop to try the pants!

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