Hot summer weather, outdoor sports to pay attention to what matters?

- Sep 12, 2017 -

It's summertime, it's hotter, seriously affect the health of the body, and a lot of people like to stay in the room, so the impact is very big, everyone should pay attention to exercise, but in the outdoor exercise, but also pay attention to sunscreen, to pay attention to prevent heatstroke, summer outdoor sports to pay attention to what matters? Usually you need to get to know these common considerations as early as possible.

1, sunscreen.
The summer coastline or mountaineering, be sure to pay attention to sunscreen. Long exposure to the skin in the hot sun, can cause 1-2 degrees of burns, and can occur heatstroke, ultraviolet rays can also be through the skin, bone, radiation to the meninges, the retina, causing damage to the brain and eyeball. Avoid the shoreline and the fire belt on the ridge as far as possible in high temperature weather. Take part in the general activities be sure to wear sun caps, sunglasses, long-sleeved tops, and wear sunscreen, towels and heatstroke.

2. Replenish water.
Summer outdoor exercise sweating more, must promptly replenish water, but if the water is not the way, will cause undesirable consequences. Should be a small number of drinking water, do not use the feeling of thirst as a basis to replenish moisture, to let water evenly replenished.

3. Prevent heatstroke.
Summer to participate in outdoor sports, the body of the accumulation of heat than the distribution of more, if not careful prevention, it is easy to heat stroke. To help with the body temperature, when walking in the sun, you can soak your hat with water and remove the hat when you are walking in a place where the sun is not shining; when you rest, try to put down your backpack and unlock the collar buttons of your blouse; the best place to rest is in the sun and the air. Marching on the way to pay attention to rhythm, a walk should not be more than one hours, high temperature 30 minutes or so to rest once, according to the specific situation to rest 5-15 minutes, lest the pulse too fast, hyperthermia and a large number of sweating caused heatstroke. In addition, you must pay attention to replenish water, salts and electrolytes along the way, with heatstroke supplies.

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