Functional indicators of outdoor clothing

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Believe that many donkey friends will choose on weekends, holidays and friends to go camping outdoors, do not know everyone in the gossip has not talked about equipment topic, for many new donkey, take part in outdoor sports to choose what kind of outdoor clothing, seems to be a simple question, in fact there is really a lot of learning.

In the outdoor sports, the donkey friends with a hiking backpack can basically take their own outdoor possessions, sometimes the clothes with more easy to add weight, can not use the words will become burdensome and burden, if the belt less once needed time and will be unprepared for the donkey friends brought many inconvenience and trouble, So how to choose to take outdoor clothing is worth considering the problem, in order to solve this problem perfectly, we must understand several major functional indicators of outdoor clothing.

Although outdoor sports clothing and home clothing in essence no difference, but because of "outdoor" and "sports" two attributes, outdoor sports requirements for clothing is relatively strict. In a nutshell, outdoor sports have great calorific value sweat evaporation is much, require outdoor clothing has a good drying function of perspiration; in the wild, it is unavoidable to meet the wind, snow and fog, clothing to have a certain degree of waterproof performance; Outdoor sports often meet the situation of blowing gale, temperature drops, so the outdoor clothing for the windproof thermal performance requirements.

Perspiration Speed dry
In the outdoors, the donkey friends need to carry the heavy mountaineering bag alone, the mountain, the mountains, the inevitable will emit a lot of sweat, so many outdoor clothing need to have good heat dissipation and breathability.
If wearing pure cotton texture of clothing to participate in outdoor sports, when the body sweating clothes will be tightly affixed to the skin, uncomfortable not to say, once the hot and cold environment alternately also easy to catch cold illness, the situation is serious when there will be a loss of temperature death. and high-quality outdoor clothing fabrics can quickly transfer sweat to the surface of the garment, through the air circulation will sweat evaporation, so as to achieve the purpose of perspiration speed.

Waterproof performance
Outdoor weather itself is difficult to predict, in the outdoor movement when suddenly encountered the situation of rain, if wear outdoor clothing is not waterproof, or be wet, or can only go around to find a place to rain, whichever situation is very embarrassing. Maybe a new donkey would say, "Just take a raincoat." No one knows the raincoat is not breathable, wearing clothes in the raincoat if soaked in sweat, that taste must be worse than the rain.
A good outdoor clothing can use the characteristics of liquid surface tension, through the clothing surface of special materials, can be landed on the surface of the fabric of the water does not disperse, so will not infiltrate the fabric surface.

Keep warm and keep warm
As we all know, the warmth of outdoor clothing and clothing fabric thickness has a close relationship, in order to avoid the weight of outdoor clothing become burdensome and burden, high-quality outdoor clothing should be warm and lightweight.
In order to allow outdoor clothing to achieve both warmth and light characteristics, many outdoor clothing manufacturers in polyester fibers such as fiber silk filament added magnesium oxide, zirconia and other special metal materials powder, when these special material powder and light contact can be converted into heat.
There are also some manufacturers of infrared ceramic powder, adhesives and other substances made of coating coating, can reflect the body's own emission of far infrared. In recent years, there are many outdoor clothing brands in accordance with the principle of bionics, the polar bear's fur structure successfully copied to the interior of polyester fiber, so that the fabric can be kept fluffy, but also play a good heat preservation role.

Outdoor environment is changeable, long time in the natural environment will inevitably meet strong winds, strong convective weather, so outdoor clothing also needs to have a certain wind resistance. Not only that, in the outdoor lack of washing conditions, once the clothes dirty difficult to clean, so the outdoor clothing to be as far as possible not to stain stains, so a high-quality outdoor clothing also need to have a certain degree of pollution resistance.
And a little bit worth the outdoor donkey's attention. Outdoor movement is often very large body movements, once the clothing tensile strength and tear resistance is poor, clothing will appear torn or broken phenomenon, so in the purchase of outdoor clothing also need to pay attention to the clothing has a certain tensile and tear resistance.
To a certain extent, outdoor clothing represents the highest level of textile technology today, a set of wind, breathable, moisture-proof, warm, tear-proof and other performance as one of the professional outdoor sports apparel for outdoor sports enthusiasts of natural significance is self-evident.

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