Down jacket common sense misunderstanding-the thicker the warmer?

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Cold winter, down the market on the hot rise, light down jacket, wind and air all kinds of propaganda language dazzling. Consumers in the purchase cannot help but doubt, the buoyant down jacket warm? What's with the velvet content? In response to consumer questions, small compiled for consumers to sum up a few buy down when the misunderstanding, and teach us how to pick a warm down jacket!
Myth One: The higher the content of cashmere, the better
Down coat is marked down type, cashmere content and the amount of fleece. The percentage of cashmere and velvet in the down, the amount of cashmere content should not be less than 50%. The higher the velvet content of the same kind of down jacket, the better the thermal effect, the general consumer choice digestibility Cashmere content can meet the needs.
Myth two: thicker down jacket warmer
The amount of cashmere is related to the size, length and style of clothing, not the more the more, the heavier the clothes, the more warm down jacket. As the filling density increases, the amount of heat lost through the conduction of filler material increases. Increasing the fluffy degree of down padding is the key to improve the warmth, the higher the fluffy, the more the heat-insulating air is contained in the feather, so the better the heat insulation performance.
Myth Three: down jacket touch up no feather terrier, the softer the better
High-quality down contains a certain amount of fine hair stem is very normal, if the touch is particularly soft, a bit of the stem can not touch, such products should be carefully purchased. Because some manufacturers will scrap, fluffy cotton, feathers after breaking, stuffed in clothes, as down to deceive consumers. Not only does not achieve the good warm effect, the health may not be able to meet the standards.

Here are some tips for judging the quality of a down jacket:
A look: see if there is no product quality labels, testing reports, and so on, labels on the type of feather, including the amount of velvet and the amount of lint is clearly marked.
Two touch: The quality of a good down jacket feel soft, there is a complete piece of pornography, feather Terrier but not much, but also to ensure that the fur terrier valuables.
Three presses: Press down the down jacket with hand, then loosen. If the bounce back is restored, the fluffy of the feather is good.
Four Pat: a pat down, if there is down, or there is dust overflow in the pin, then the cloth to prevent drilling cashmere, or sewing needle is too large, this kind of coat will cross the thin.
Five smell: Nose close to the down jacket carefully smell, if there is obvious smell or odor, it is possible to fill the poor down, not recommended to buy.

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